Revolutionise Your Information Management with IRIS Adapt

At IRIS Adapt, we understand that special schools and other specialist provision settings require adaptable and customisable solutions. In the diverse world of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), we know that one size certainly does not fit all. Our comprehensive behaviour management software is designed to cater specifically for the unique demands of your institution.

customise 1

Fully Customisable

With IRIS Adapt, customisation goes beyond just adding your options to set menus. Each data capture form is fully customisable, from layout to content and terminology. We start with a blank sheet of paper, enabling us to accurately replicate your existing paper forms on the Adapt system, leading to a much shallower learning curve for your staff.

Fully Secure

Safeguarding your confidential pupil data is our top priority. IRIS Adapt offers comprehensive security features, including encrypted connections and stringent user access controls. Our fully journaled system ensures that every entry or edit is logged and date-stamped, providing complete transparency and accountability.


Alerts and Notifications

Stay on top of critical events with our advanced alert system. Alert triggers can be based on specific events, record updates, threshold count values, or any other custom condition. Receive custom messages via email or text, keeping you informed in real-time.

In-depth Analysis

Have access to in-depth analysis with IRIS Adapt’s robust built-in tools. Analyse any data you have on the system, including behaviour logs, accidents, interventions, and safeguarding records; plus any contextual data linked to pupils or staff, such as gender, PP, LAC, FSM, Nature of Need etc, enabling comprehensive data mapping and filtering to inform school decision-making.

Info Hub

All-Inclusive Pupil Information Hub

IRIS Adapt is not just about behaviour management; it accommodates whatever pupil information you need, from risk assessments to individual behaviour and handling plans, intimate care logs, seizure records, pupil welfare concerns, and more. Have all your pupil information together in one place.

Workflow Assistance

Simplify your workflow with IRIS Adapt’s user-friendly features. Enable on-the-fly calculations, implement conditional formatting, and create custom print and download templates tailored to your specific requirements. The IRIS Adapt system is designed to facilitate efficient communication workflow within your organisation.

Secure Access

Secure User Access Control

Access to the IRIS Adapt system is via unique username and password authentication. For added security, 2-factor authentication can be included if required. Tailored user access groups ensure unlimited customisation, allowing your team to view only the information relevant to their roles, effectively safeguarding your sensitive information.