Elevate your school safety with IRIS Adapt

Accidents, injuries, bumps, and grazes are an inevitable part of everyday life in schools. While it’s essential to record accidental injuries and their treatments, the real question is, how many schools take the initiative to analyse their accident statistics? How do you identify any patterns in who is getting injured and what types of injuries are most common? Traditional accident books are fine for recording incidents, but they fall short when it comes to getting any analysis and data breakdown.

That’s where IRIS Adapt comes in, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline your accident management. By having your accident book on IRIS Adapt, not only will you find it quicker and easier to record incidents, but you’ll also gain immediate access to valuable statistical analysis and customised notifications. While a minor grazed knee may not warrant a notification, you certainly want to be informed about more serious injuries. IRIS Adapt can even scan accident forms upon entry to detect any features that would necessitate a RIDDOR report, automatically sending custom notifications to the relevant person.

A standout feature, particularly for primary schools, is the ability to create a custom print templates, personalised with your school logo and letterhead, for sending notes home to parents – making keeping parents informed of minor bumps and grazes a quick and easy task. Staff accident logs are equally important. IRIS Adapt allows you to incorporate return-to-work interviews and accident investigation sections within the accident form itself, keeping all accident-related information in one convenient location. You can also include separate forms for near misses, dangerous occurrences, or risk assessments as part of your Adapt setup.

IRIS Adapt – a solution that’s as unique as you are!