Upgrade your physical intervention recording with IRIS Adapt

Schools are typically required to maintain detailed records of any incidents involving physical restraint. This may include the circumstances leading to the use of restraint, the techniques used, and the outcomes. Schools may also wish to record additional details such as the duration of the intervention (with or without start and finish time), which members of staff were involved or which parts of the child’s body were held during the intervention.

However, conventional behaviour applications often fall short in capturing the detailed information required. This is especially true with extended interventions which may involve different members of staff at different times during the intervention. The result is that the account of the intervention becomes largely a narrative description. Where this is the case, it becomes difficult to spot patterns and trends and the opportunity for statistical analysis and refined notifications is limited.

It’s important to record any injuries sustained by the pupil or staff members during the incident, and this is another complication when it comes to detailed recording of the incident. IRIS Adapt offers a customised data capture form designed to meet the unique recording requirements of your school. Whether you use Team Teach, SCIPR, CALM, or any other positive handling or physical intervention protocol, IRIS Adapt can meet your needs.

IRIS Adapt – a solution that’s as unique as you are!

"The software is so easy to use and it helps the leadership team monitor so much, yet so easily! H&S, Safeguarding, Near misses, Accidents, Behaviour, Pupil Progress and so much more all in one place."

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