Upgrade Your Safeguarding System with IRIS Adapt

Are you still relying on a bound, numbered book to record your safeguarding concerns, or have you moved to a dedicated online software solution? No matter which method you currently use, there are clear advantages to making the switch to IRIS Adapt.

The limitations of using a bound book for safeguarding purposes are evident; books can easily be misplaced, provide visibility into others’ entries, and are susceptible to unauthorized alterations, with no means of identifying the responsible party or the timing of changes. When you make the move to IRIS Adapt, the security of your safeguarding data is significantly improved. Our system ensures that your records cannot be lost or deleted, with users only able to view their own entries. Each edit and update is meticulously time and date stamped, along with user identification. What’s more, our journal system retains a copy of each version of the record, allowing you to track modifications, revert to previous versions, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail.

At IRIS Adapt, we prioritise the security of your data, utilising end-to-end encryption and secure servers based in the UK to ensure the best protection for your sensitive information. In using IRIS Adapt, you not only benefit from a secure safeguarding application but also gain access to an array of additional features, including in-depth analysis, custom notifications, and the ability to consolidate your behaviour, safeguarding, and accident information into one timeline. With IRIS Adapt, you have the added flexibility of being able to design your own safeguarding log from the ground up, tailoring it to suit your specific requirements.

Upgrade to IRIS Adapt today and experience the security, convenience, and comprehensive functionality that our advanced system has to offer.

IRIS Adapt – a solution that’s as unique as you are!

"The software is so easy to use and it helps the leadership team monitor so much, yet so easily! H&S, Safeguarding, Near misses, Accidents, Behaviour, Pupil Progress and so much more all in one place."

Stone Bay School

"Our reporting of issues such as behaviour, accidents, safeguarding etc is now more efficient. Outstanding functionality but also amazing on-going support from the team at Iris Adapt."

Behaviour Lead, Heaton School, Stockport