Tailored Solutions for Alternative Provision

Facing challenges akin to those encountered by Special Schools, Alternative Provision and Independent Settings require specialised solutions to cater to their diverse needs and requirements. APs often work with young people exhibiting challenging behaviour, as well as those grappling with social and emotional difficulties. Unfortunately, common behaviour applications, primarily tailored for larger secondary schools, often prove impractical for these smaller settings. They are either too costly for budget-conscious organisations or are not suitable for collecting the specific data required, especially information around physical interventions or welfare concerns, for example.

As many APs provide outdoor activities, sports, or vocational skills like vehicle repair, they often need to record nuanced information such as attitude, effort, and sociability – for which generic solutions may not be suitable. In addition, whereas larger schools can afford a dedicated MIS system such as SIMS , Bromcom, RM Integris or Arbor, such systems are too large, too complicated and too expensive for small APs. Often resulting in confidential staff and student data being held insecurely on spreadsheets and paper documents.

Enter IRIS Adapt, your solution to these unique challenges. Our customised platform is purpose-built to meet the varied demands set by Independent and Alternative Provision settings. Our Adapt platform can provide comprehensive data management capabilities without the unnecessary complexities and high costs associated with traditional MIS systems. Forget generic, one-size-fits-all applications and embrace a system designed to simplify data collection, monitor interventions, and create an environment where every student receives the personalised support they genuinely require – all at a surprisingly affordable cost!

Go with IRIS Adapt – a solution that’s as unique as your educational approach.

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How it works for Navigators AP

Navigators is a dynamic and child-centred Alternative Education & Nurture Provision supporting children and young people across Greater Manchester. Navigators use IRIS Adapt as their full management information system (MIS).

Features include Attendance Register, weekly Timetable Planner, Student Daily Log, Safeguarding Concern Log, Accident and Injury Log, Risk Assessment Forms, Student and Staff Details Forms, Termly Reports amongst many others. The system is configured to automatically email referring schools with daily attendance reports as well as allowing referring schools direct access to their own student’s daily logs.

"We have a system that is bespoke to our needs. The team at IRIS Adapt has worked hard to ensure it is right for us. Since it arrived, they have worked to add and edit the system to further suit our needs. Any changes I ask for are implimented promptly. I can highly recommend the system and the service."

VQ Admin Manager, Pearson TQ, Harrogate

"We are able to deep dive and analyse the data it can generate for our pupils. The team at IRIS Adapt are always so helpful and reply to our enquiries straight away."

SBM, CEWE School Wigan

"It’s called IRIS Adapt and it is adaptable. It’s like with our students; we don’t impose a program on them, we listen to them and wrap the program around their needs – and IRIS did exactly the same with us."

Anthony, Navigators AP, Manchester