Tailored Solutions for Pupil Referral Units

Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) are specialist provision for pupils facing difficulties engaging with traditional schooling, or who have been excluded from school. These units are typically staffed by a team of qualified and experienced educators adept in handling Special Educational Needs (SEN), as well as emotional and behavioral difficulties. Staff will want to monitor the social, emotional and behavioural progress of each pupil as well as their contact with outside professionals such as counsellors or educational psychologists.

This monitoring process often involves the assessment of a diverse range of information, frequently sourced from narrative accounts, which is manually extracted and collated. By collaborating closely with the PRU team, we at IRIS Adapt provide custom online forms tailored to capture this detailed information. Adapt’s built-in analysis tools enable comprehensive data analysis and in-depth insights into each student’s progress.

Go with IRIS Adapt – a solution that’s as unique as your educational approach.

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How it works for Bridgelea PRU

Bridgelea PRU is an established Pupil Referral Unit which operates as part of the wider City of Manchester Learning Partnership with Manchester Secondary PRU. Bridgelea Primary operates across two centres.

Bridgelea PRU uses IRIS to log pupil incidents and accidents/injuries to both staff and pupils. Previously, PRU leaders had found it difficult to track pupil behaviour across all the two centres around the city. Working closely with school leaders we implemented bespoke data capture forms for both incidents and accidents. Each centre across the city has direct access to these forms and the associated data analysis. However, each centre has access only to its own staff and pupils’ data. The PRU SLT however have access to all data across all centres. Centre leaders and SLT are kept informed via a range of bespoke alerts and notifications