Manchester Federation of EBSD Schools (Endeavour Federation)

Manchester Federation of EBSD Schools provides education for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. The Federation comprises:

  • Buglawton Hall
  • Southern Cross School
  • Meade Hill School
  • Castlefield Campus
  • Wythenshawe Campus

We already had an electronic behaviour management system in place, but the analysis tool was very weak and the whole system was not very intuitive. Also it was almost impossible to monitor activity across all the separate sites.

We have replaced our original system with a custom installation of IRIS Adapt. We use the system to log incidents, rewards, parental contacts, parental complaints and any physical interventions with students. The data captured by the system is specific to our needs and includes times of day, antecedent behaviour, teacher intervention and more. We now use IRIS Adapt extensively as a management tool to monitor the impact of our policies and to inform decision making.

“The new system is very easy to use and is highly customised to our needs”

The new system is very easy to use and is highly customised to our needs and the providers offer great support. A key benefit for us is the ability to make ongoing adjustments and tweaks to the system through the year. If we need to log more information, additional fields or features can be added to the data capture forms.

IRIS Adapt allows me to monitor activity across all our sites. I can get email alerts and real-time information regarding any physical interventions that take place across all our schools. Having instant access to everything means that I can monitor the quality of our record keeping really easily.

“I like the supportive team behind the system. They know and understand education and the needs of schools.”

We need to be able to demonstrate improvement in behaviour over time for individual pupils. All of our children have social, emotional and mental health needs and we employ pupil specific strategies to help improve their behaviour. IRIS Adapt allows us to monitor the effectiveness of these strategies very easily at the click of a button.

We can now readily track behaviour changes over time both for individual pupils and groups of pupils. We can now also monitor activity across all of our sites. The system allows us to track the progress of individual pupils via trend graphs and charts; very useful for pupil progress meetings. Having the IRIS Adapt system allows me, as headteacher, to monitor the impact of interventions and changes in policy. It also provides a wealth of data to inform school planning and staff training.

About the schools

Southern Cross School is a day EBSD provision for KS2 and 3 children in Chorlton. Meade Hill School is a day EBSD school for KS3 pupils in Higher Blackley. Castlefield Campus KS4 day provision in Hulme is for pupils in Years 10 and 11 from both Meade Hill and Southern Cross, located in the north and south of the city respectively. Wythenshawe Campus in the south of the city is an EBSD day school that provides high quality education for children between the ages of 14 and 16. The school meets the needs of a diverse group of students exhibiting behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, alongside a range of other associated conditions which can hinder academic progress. All schools within the federation are graded Good.