Primary Schools

click here for a simple way to monitor pupil behaviour, rewards, safeguarding concerns, accidents and more.

Special Schools + PRU

click a link below for a simple way to monitor pupil behaviour, rewards, safeguarding concerns, accidents and more.

Secondary Schools

SEND + PP students, log safeguarding concerns + a range of other data via your custom interface.

LA + MAT + Clusters

IRIS Adapt is custom designed to collect and collate key data from across your schools and sites..

We help schools make a real difference to pupil outcomes and safety by enabling school leaders to:

  • Easily spot trends and patterns over time
  • Identify hotspots for behaviour or accidents
  • Identify key areas for staff development
  • Devise better IBPs or pupil strategies
  • Monitor the impact of new policies and initiatives
  • Allocate staff and resources more effectively
  • Track individual pupil behaviour
  • Monitor vulnerable or pupil premium children

Outstanding Pupil Behaviour Software

IRIS Adapt is specifically customised to each individual school. It is equally at home providing simple pupil behaviour logs in primary schools, logging complex behaviours and physical interventions in a specialist SEN school or securely logging confidential safeguarding issues in a large secondary school.

Only IRIS Adapt provides this degree of customisation combined with powerful reporting tools, secure access control and highly configurable alerting system.

Ofsted inspectors were 'very impressed' with our use of data, describing data analysis as 'forensic'. We have IRIS Adapt to thank for that.

IRIS Adapt offers:

  • Complete flexibility, including the ability to modify data forms and data sets any time with no downtime.
  • Speed and reliability of performance.
  • Real-time, on-the-fly reporting of live data via inbuilt 'point and click' reporting tools.

Now add to that customisable email and text alerts, full revision monitoring, fine-grain access control, data sharing and powerful real-time analysis - and you have the best monitoring system available to schools today.

(at the last inspection), inspectors asked you to improve the quality of pupils' behaviour from good to outstanding, by improving the tracking of behaviour to enable you to become more adept at adjusting strategies to improve the behaviour of different pupils. ... (using IRIS Adapt) You have transformed the way in which pupils' behaviour is recorded and tracked..

Benefits of using IRIS Adapt:

  • Improves the accuracy and speed of data collection - data entry is via menu selection, providing consistency of terminology as well as facilitating better analysis.
  • Highly cost effective - potentially large savings in admin time and costs.
  • Reduces levels of under-reporting - user interface offers ease, speed and convenience of use, makes staff more willing to engage with the system.
  • Improves communication - and data sharing with colleagues across the organisation.
  • Contributes to better business planning - by providing access to accurate, live data.
  • Provides better understanding - of the impact of change or new strategies via in-depth analysis.
  • Collects and processes key data - that may be crucial to your quality standards.
  • Saves staff time - and effort in collating data and running reports.
  • Supports green and sustainable initiatives - through efficient use of resources and a paperless environment.
  • No IT footprint in your organisation - we provide a fully managed and hosted solution. No impact at all on your current IT system.

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